Our People

Richard Pzena, John Goetz, William Lipsey, Michael Peterson

Pzena Investment Management's Executive Committee:
Michael Peterson, Rich Pzena, Bill Lipsey, John Goetz


Richard S. Pzena – Mr. Pzena is the Founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer at the firm. He is the architect of the firm’s investment strategy and conceived and developed our proprietary screening model. He serves as co-portfolio manager on each of the firm’s domestic investment strategies and is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Prior to forming Pzena Investment Management in 1995, Mr. Pzena was the Director of U.S. Equity Investments and Chief Research Officer for Sanford C. Bernstein & Company. He joined Bernstein in 1986 as an oil industry analyst and was named to the Institutional Investor All America Research Team from 1988-1990. During 1990 and 1991, Mr. Pzena served as Chief Investment Officer, Small Cap Equities, and assumed his broader domestic equity role in 1991. Prior to joining Bernstein, Mr. Pzena worked for the Amoco Corporation in various financial and planning roles. He earned a BS summa cum laude and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1979 and 1980, respectively.



John P. Goetz – Mr. Goetz is a Managing Principal and Co-Chief Investment Officer at the firm. He was the Director of Research from 1996 through 2005, responsible for building and training the research team. He currently serves as co-portfolio manager on several of the firm’s investment strategies and is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Prior to joining Pzena Investment Management in 1996, Mr. Goetz held a range of key positions at Amoco Corporation for over 14 years, his last as the Global Business Manager for Amoco’s $1 billion polypropylene business where he had bottom-line responsibility for operations and development worldwide. Prior positions included strategic planning, joint venture investments, and project financing in various oil and chemical businesses. Before joining Amoco, Mr. Goetz had been employed by The Northern Trust Company and Bank of America. He earned a BA summa cum laude in Mathematics and Economics from Wheaton College in 1979 and an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University in 1982.



William L. Lipsey – Mr. Lipsey is a Managing Principal and Head of Marketing and Client Services at the firm. He helped develop the firm’s business plan in 1996 and joined in early 1997 to oversee business development and client service activities. Mr. Lipsey is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Before joining Pzena Investment Management, Mr. Lipsey was an Investment Advisory Consultant and a Senior Vice President at Oppenheimer & Company, Inc. Prior to joining Oppenheimer, Mr. Lipsey’s career included positions at Morgan Stanley, Kidder Peabody, and Hewitt Associates. At Morgan Stanley and Kidder Peabody, Mr. Lipsey served as a portfolio manager in these firms’ private client groups, managing assets for institutional and private clients. As a Consultant at Hewitt Associates, he helped clients set investment policy and strategy for their pension and profit sharing plans. He earned a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1980 and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1986.



Michael D. Peterson – Mr. Peterson is a Managing Principal, Portfolio Manager of International, European and Global Value at the firm, and is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Prior to joining Pzena Investment Management in 1998, Mr. Peterson was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company. At McKinsey, he was a member of the Financial Institutions Group as well as the Pricing Practice. Prior to joining McKinsey, he was an Assistant Professor at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs, where he taught operations research and operations management. He holds a PhD in Management (Operations Research) from the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management, where he was a National Science Foundation fellow from 1989 to 1992. Prior to that, he received a M.A. in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 1988 and an A.B. summa cum laude in Economics from Princeton University.



  • Our team does not fit neatly into the categories of fundamental research analysts and portfolio managers
    We have 24 investment professionals. Our analysts have sector and company level research responsibilities for all Pzena strategies. For each strategy we have a three person portfolio management team that has joint decision-making responsibility and “veto authority” over any decision. In sum, our process is driven by data gathered by an analyst, and then debated on by the analyst and the portfolio management team to estimate the impact of that data on the company’s normal earnings power.
  • The backgrounds of our investment team suit our long-term, buy-the-whole-business perspective
    Our investment team members have run businesses, been management consultants, accountants, lawyers, engineers, and private equity investors prior to joining our firm. The common skill set among this diverse group is a focus on critical business analysis. Because our focus is on assessing whether management’s future strategy is likely to succeed, having a team consisting of people who ran businesses themselves or were charged with analyzing businesses throughout their lives gives us a significant advantage when implementing our strategy.
Research Team Principals
Rakesh Bordia
Caroline Cai, CFA
Allison J. Fisch
John Flynn
Evan Fox
John P. Goetz*
Kelleen Kiely
TVR Murti
Takashi Okumura
Michael D. Peterson*
Richard S. Pzena*
Eli Rabinowich
Matthew Ring
Benjamin Silver, CFA, CPA
Manoj Tandon
Franco Tapia
David Zhao

Client Service

  • Client service success requires us to earn the role of highly a valued resource
    We seek long-term relationships with our clients and try to bring a fresh perspective to the conventional thinking that dominates the investment world. Our client service team consists of individuals with both general business backgrounds and investment research experience. We meet and hold conference calls regularly with clients to share perspectives on the portfolio and the current investment environment.
  • Our client team members are fully integrated into our research team
    They attend both research meetings and company management meetings to ensure our clients receive primary information. As appropriate we introduce members of our research and portfolio management team into client portfolio reviews to ensure that our clients get to know the full breadth of our investment resources.
  • We provide regular and customized client reporting
    To ensure that we share our investment perspectives each quarter, we offer our Quarterly Report to Clients, as well as investment analyses and webcasts posted to our website. To receive a copy of the latest Quarterly Report, please contact us.
Client Service Team Principals
Valerie Arnold
V. Michel Hanigan
William L. Lipsey*
Wayne Palladino
David Taylor

Operations & Admin

Operations and compliance are mission critical elements of our firm. We have dedicated significant resources to these areas to ensure that our capabilities are best-in-class.
  • Portfolio Accounting
    Accuracy, timeliness and responsiveness; our clients can and should expect us to achieve these standards.
  • Portfolio Administration
    Our dedicated team initiates and monitors each client’s portfolio and ensures that we follow any specific client guidelines.
  • Trading
    Our trading motto is “patience equals profits”; our traders are focused on precise execution of our strict price-limit driven strategy.
  • Technology
    We maintain a fully integrated system among portfolio administration, trading, billing, accounting and client reporting. We have, and will continue to make significant investments in our systems capabilities.
Operations & Admin Team Principals
Bill Andolfi
Evan Fire
Maxim Konstantinovski
James Krebs
Brian Mann
Nick Padgen
Azar Sharipov

Finance & Legal


Our finance department is staffed with a diverse group of professionals, all of whom are dedicated to meeting the firm’s operational, fiduciary, and regulatory requirements. The department utilizes technology extensively to leverage its capabilities and promote the efficiency of its activities across all functional areas of the firm.

We maintain an in-house legal and compliance staff, allowing us to comply with regulatory requirements and to promptly and thoughtfully meet client needs.

We have made a serious commitment to compliance to ensure the highest standards of professional conduct. We conduct internal audits, client related compliance reports, and proper disclosure practices; our compliance team guides and monitors the implementation of our policies and procedures. In addition, our head of Operations and Technology performs compliance-related tasks and is supported by employees who report directly to him and provide compliance-related information to our chief compliance officer.


Finance & Legal Team Principals
Stephanie An
Gary Bachman
Joan Berger
Steve Coffey
Jessica Doran
Lauren Lopes
Jacques Pompy
Lisa Roth
Anna Walters
*Managing Principal